The shift toward innovation, culture and design thinking

Reflecting on the business morning of Design Capital, part of the State of Design Festival, three weeks on three key themes continue to recur in my mind. • Innovation • Organisational culture • Design thinking Roy Green, University of Technology Sydney Business School, commenced the morning stating: For knowledge and innovation, the global financial crisisContinue reading “The shift toward innovation, culture and design thinking”

The answer is in your end user…not in you

Last night I had the privilege of attending Future of Design Thinking: a conversation with IDEO hosted by Design Victoria. The IDEO representatives, Arna Ionescu Domain Co-Lead Connected Health and Jose Colucci Health and Wellness Lead, discussed design thinking and how IDEO implement this within their organisation. This is the first in a yet unknownContinue reading “The answer is in your end user…not in you”