Mindset is the secret sauce in human centred design

I had the amazing privilege to represent Huddle with Simon Lawry and speak at UX Australia in August (and again at the redux in October) on the topic of the role of mindset in human centred design. You can grab the audio and see sketch notes and photos from our talk directly here: http://uxaustralia.com.au/uxaustralia-2014/mindset-user-centred-design But what isContinue reading “Mindset is the secret sauce in human centred design”

From dinner to dining: the evolving role of the designer

I was privileged to speak this week at LeanUXNYC 2014 – amazing conference filled with super smart, fun people sharing awesome stories. Here I share with you my contribution to the conference: slides, social media and script a framework of the evolving role of the designer based on some of my PhD research findings. It wasContinue reading “From dinner to dining: the evolving role of the designer”

Design thinking for designing and delivering services workshop redux

Design thinking for designing and delivering services from Zaana Howard Last Friday I was privileged to deliver an action packed, fun filled design thinking workshop for the Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation. The focus was on introducing people to design thinking principles and providing them with an experience of design thinking. Participants brought realContinue reading “Design thinking for designing and delivering services workshop redux”

Designing our library future: be involved or be forgotten

What is the future of the Library? What is the future of the Librarian? These are questions we hear and see discussed ad nauseum at conferences, in blogs, in our tea rooms. In reality the ‘future library’ has already snuck in the back door. We were just too focused on the discussion to notice. There isContinue reading “Designing our library future: be involved or be forgotten”

Using participatory design for redesigning organisations

I awoke to a beautiful morning in Melbourne today – perhaps Spring is finally on our doorstep and realised that in fact I was supposed to be in beautiful Spain today instead delivering a paper at the Information Seeking in Context conference. Thankfully I have a wonderful co-author and our ‘compromise’ was I would developContinue reading “Using participatory design for redesigning organisations”

Designing workplaces conducive to work

In an episode of the US sitcom Better Off Ted a staff survey revealed low employee morale. To solve this, the director Veronica calls Linda, an employee, into her office and asks what would make the employees happy. Linda says the company treats them all like drones and suggest Veronica let everyone decorate their cubiclesContinue reading “Designing workplaces conducive to work”

What comes first – great leaders or great followers?

Jye Smith‘s post Great Leaders, Great Followers on his blog A Digital Perspective echoed many of the sentiments I feel about leadership and ‘followership’ – and what indeed does come first great leaders or great followers (or as Jye calls them supporters)? Can you have one without the other? Inspired in part by 10 waysContinue reading “What comes first – great leaders or great followers?”

The shift toward innovation, culture and design thinking

Reflecting on the business morning of Design Capital, part of the State of Design Festival, three weeks on three key themes continue to recur in my mind. • Innovation • Organisational culture • Design thinking Roy Green, University of Technology Sydney Business School, commenced the morning stating: For knowledge and innovation, the global financial crisisContinue reading “The shift toward innovation, culture and design thinking”

The answer is in your end user…not in you

Last night I had the privilege of attending Future of Design Thinking: a conversation with IDEO hosted by Design Victoria. The IDEO representatives, Arna Ionescu Domain Co-Lead Connected Health and Jose Colucci Health and Wellness Lead, discussed design thinking and how IDEO implement this within their organisation. This is the first in a yet unknownContinue reading “The answer is in your end user…not in you”