Meet Zaana

Zaana bio imageDr Zaana Jaclyn (previously Howard) has 15+ years experience as a leader, advisor, consultant and coach in transformational coaching, leadership development, and systemic design. 

Zaana is driven by understanding the human story and our motivations – the incredible stories each of us holds and how the stories we tell motivate and shape our lives. She is passionate about guiding you and your teams in the intentional creation of your story, and empowering you to be more conscious and connected in how you live and lead; and enabling organisations to create compassionate, inclusive, and curious cultures where people feel safe, belong, and accepted to thrive and be their whole selves. 

Zaana’s approach integrates her unique expertise and global experience in human centred design, leadership development, and organisational culture and change, to deliver bespoke holistic programs for individuals, teams and organisations to become more conscious, connected and empathic. Across her career she has coached hundreds of senior leaders and top teams from leading organisations globally in co-creating meaningful and actionable shared purpose and vision, experiences and ways of working together that result in inclusivity, belonging and high performance.

Most recently in her 5 years as junior partner at McKinsey she developed a global track record in coaching leaders and driving human centric strategies and transformations for public, social and health services across Asia Pacific to deliver differentiated experiences and improved outcomes for people – both employees and customers. Prior to joining McKinsey, she worked in consultancies and internal teams as a leader delivering human-centric transformations; built organisational capabilities in human centred leadership, cultures and design; and launched a leading human-centred design academy.

Zaana is a lifelong learner with a PhD in Human Centred Design, Masters in Information and Knowledge Management, and a Bachelor of Fine Art. She also has certifications as an Integral Professional Coach, NLP and Neurosemantics Practitioner, Reiki Master, Mindfulness guide, Human Design coach, and Tarot Advisor. 


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