Design thinking for designing and delivering services workshop redux

Last Friday I was privileged to deliver an action packed, fun filled design thinking workshop for the Queensland University Libraries Office of Cooperation. The focus was on introducing people to design thinking principles and providing them with an experience of design thinking.

Participants brought real world issues and challenges they are currently facing in their libraries to work on. When synthesised, these challenges grouped into five key areas: providing integrated library and information services; moving teaching and learning online; redesigning the physical library experience; enhancing the online library experience; and raising awareness and marketing of library services.

Despite the differences in problems, solutions included many overlaps particularly in creating engaging and valuable 24/7 services that can be accessed online and face to face. In particular the concept of a real and/or virtual library concierge was popular with one group naming theirs ‘Alfred’, also known as ‘R2Help you’.

One of the wonderful participants blogged about her experience creating a pop librarian chat called  the ‘Light bulb librarian’ in response to creating new responsive services in the online environment.

Overall a day of great ideas, great energy and fun with participants taking back ideas and some implementable solutions to their workplaces.


Image 1: Meet Meredith, stressed out Masters dress, complete with A line sparkly silver dress.


Image 2: Prototyping a new experience of the physical library


Image 3: Testing the prototype of Alfred the library concierge, more fondly known as R2HelpYou

For tweets and lots more photos: [View the story “Design thinking for designing and delivering services” on Storify]


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Strategic designer and researcher. PhD in design. I care about people and creating better systems, services and experiences for them. I use human centred design as a method to do this. I write and present about design mindset, human centred design, design maturity, design thinking, user experience, service design, human centricity and empathy.

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